Nutrilicious Diet Shakes For Women

What’s The Best Brand For Your Diet Shake? Yours!

Replacing 1 or 2 of your meals a day with nutrilicious diet shakes for women packs the punch for weight loss. Yes, taking diet shakes for women can help you shed off a significant amount of pounds, and that’s sustainable weight management. How do you choose the best meal replacement shake? You can always buy the most popular brands in the drug store or the supermarket. But what you ought to know about these products is that they contain too much additives and sugar. Taking them may be contradictory to your weight loss goals. Your best bet at this point is to make your own diet shake at home. Yes, why not?

A meal replacement shake that does the job contains just enough calories while having sufficient nutrition. Consider that your shake should be mixed with satiating and delish ingredients. You’ll want to feel full and satisfied by way of sipping your way to slimness through a diet shake. That’s why you wouldn’t want to eat your regular imbalanced meal. What should you know if you want to make your meal replacement shake at home?

Determine Your Calorie Needs

As a woman, you need to consume 1,200 calories a day. That’s your womanly daily caloric need. If you’re eating 900 calories a day already from your regular meals, then your meal replacement shake should contain 300 calories. Don’t skip on taking the recommended amount of calories for your daily needs, because it will be hard on your health. Note that the calories you take in are used by your body to function at its best. Then again, watch out because you might be garnishing your shake too much that it also exceeds the amount of calories you’ll be consuming. You have to adjust your calories intake accordingly, from your meals to your snacks to your diet shake. If you want to make sure about how much calories your body needs, consult your doctor or your dietitian.

Ingredients To Add For Your Nutrilicious Diet Shake

Add more protein to your diet shake so that you’ll feel more satisfied. There are 3 macronutrients- carbohydrates, fiber and protein. Protein makes you feel fuller and you’re apt to eat less if you consume it. You’ll tend to avoid snacking and end up losing weight. Protein enhances the thermogenesis process in your body as well. It refers to the production of heat in your system, that in turn promotes calorie-burning. You can incorporate a strength-training routine in your weight loss program wherein you’ll need to eat sufficient amounts of protein for muscle building and fat loss. What are the best protein ingredients to add to your meal replacement shake? They are brown rice, pea, silken tofu, nuts and seeds, whey or casein protein powders and low fat Greek yogurt.

Fill your shake up with fiber from fruits and veggies. Fruits and veggies are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Fiber from these food sources is calorie-free, but they take up space in your tummy, thus making you feel full. Make your diet shakes yummy and satisfying by adding low-calorie blackberries and blueberries, apple slices or a handful of spinach.

All the nutrients that you get from your full meal should also be found in your meal replacement shake, such as carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats. A good base for your diet shake is soy or almond milk or low fat coconut milk or low fat cow’s milk. If you’re bored with your regular meals or in need of an effective diet meal plan, perk up your daily chows with diet shakes for women.

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How To Cut Out Processed Foods For Weight Loss and Energy

There is a simple harsh truth or good truth in your life and it depends on your point of view. The truth is if you want to lose weight, reduce pain, have more energy or better manage autoimmune disease, then you need to stop consuming processed foods.

When I mention this most people look at me slightly stunned and then the standard objections come out. What will I eat? I get sugar cravings if I try to stop those foods.

If you quit eating and drinking foods and drinks and you decide that it will be great for your health and that you will have plenty of good things to eat and you won’t ever have to be hungry, then your transition to better eating will mostly be smooth with only the occasional longing for some junky carbs.

However if you start this with a mindset that it will be hard, that you won’t know what to eat and that you will be hungry and craving for sugar then you will most likely have a hard time. Of course some people are surprised how easy it is in spite of pre stressing about the change.

A couple of important points;

  1. Sugar cravings are a sign that your blood sugar is all over the place and that your insulin levels are fluctuating to a point that it is harmful to you.
  2. Quitting sugar is not like stopping cocaine as some ridiculous media reports like to tell us. What is hard is if you try to stop eating sugar rich treats while still eating big helpings of pasta, rice or potato which are just sugars inside your body.
  3. It can take some time to transition from burning sugar to burning fat, some people take a few days and some a few weeks, but with the right attitude you will be perfectly OK
  4. You do not have to quit all processed food forever. It is advisable to do so for four to six weeks, otherwise you won’t know how your body was being affected by them.

But after that you will be so impressed that you won’t want to eat grains and sugars, or you will have an occasional treat and leave it at that.

Or you will take up processed foods again and you will suffer again or you will be in the minority of people who get no benefit, but at least you will know.

If you reach the six week mark and have had some relief but are still unwell then you have two options.

  1. Stay on the programme and be grateful for the relief you got.
  2. Move to phase 2, which is the removal of other common allergens such as dairy, eggs or the nightshade family which includes tomato and eggplant. But only exclude one group at a time.

Losing Weight With Healthy Choices

Time and again we come across two words low-carb diet and the real food type respectively. Those who are obese or think that their weight does not lie in the normal range are quite eager to lose weight quickly.

However, many of them are apparently not informed, or there is a lack of knowledge about to how to lose weight effectively.

You will find many weight loss plans, weight loss tools and formulas to eat and workout efficiently. However, having accurate knowledge about how to use them need to be first understood, then the application can be made correctly.

Meaning of Low-Carb and Real Food terms

1. The low-carb diet refers to such a diet that comprises of fewer starches and sugars and is composed of those foods that are rich in healthy fats and protein.

2. The Real Food refers to those foods that were readily available across many centuries since life began on the earth. These provisions have not been altered or processed at all. So, a real food and low-carb diet, a way of eating or such a lifestyle based on robust and accurate scientific evidence.

How to lose weight to maintain good health

If we talk about healthy choices, then you need to avoid the following foods in your diet.

– Sugar: Sugar is a highly addictive substance that leads to excessive fat and has become the leading cause of many diseases across the world. It can cause diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

– Grains: The Gluten grains like rye, barley, apparently and wheat are worst and should stay away from at all cost. In fact, you need to avoid consuming much of the pasta and bread if you are willing to lose weight respectively.

– Trans Fats: These are chemically modified fats that are in some processed foods and are not healthy since they change the structure and the role of fats in the body.

– Vegetable and Seed Oils: The corn oil, soybean oil, and some other oils are not good. As they are processed fats having a high amount of the Omega-6 fatty acids that are extremely harmful in excess.

– Artificial Sweeteners: Many observational studies have shown that there is a massive correlation between obesity and the related diseases. If you want to use a sweetener, only opt for Stevia respectively.

– Highly Processed Foods: The processed foods consist of many unnatural and unhealthy chemicals, so they have fewer nutrients that do not provide any nutritional value to the body or the health at all.

– Low-Fat and Diet Products: There are many types of these foods you should completely avoid because they are not healthy as well. They are rich in artificial sweeteners and sugar that may lead to diabetes for sure.

Therefore, losing weight depends on consuming healthy foods that comprise of proteins, healthy fats, and moderate carbohydrates. Unless and until you change your lifestyle and diet, you cannot expect to lose weight the way it should be done or achieve the results you want. Above all, exercise and lifting of some weights in the gym are equally important.

If you or others have become relentless enough to keep yourself fit and healthy, then begin doing it soon. Otherwise, with time weight can increase to such a level that it will be entirely impossible to reduce weight at all.

How You Can Naturally Lose Weight Fast

They say that patience is a virtue. But, one area people exhibit impatience is when it comes to weight loss. The truth is: as an obese or overweight individual, it took you quite a long time to accumulate those extra pounds that pushed you into the next larger clothing size. But with each weigh-in, you want a lower number on the scale. Not just want, you want it fast!

I want to assure you that with a few changes to your diet, exercise routine and lifestyle, you can help yourself lose weight fast, naturally and safely.

Here are 5 tips to help you in this natural weight loss journey.

(1) Physical Activity Strategy

Is Your Doctor Aware You Want to Do This?

To lose weight fast and in a natural way, you have to speed-up your regular exercises – cardiovascular and strength training exercises. Remember that to lose weight, you need to burn fat and build muscles.

Aerobic exercises, such as running, walking, swimming and cycling, help you raise your heart rate and burn calories immediately. Strength training, like weight lifting, helps boost your metabolism thereby increasing your lean muscles; helping your muscles burn more calories even when you are at rest.

Physical lifestyle changes are also important in the bid for fast weight loss. Think through your daily lifestyle activities and find areas where you can scale up. Consider the following:

– Parking your car farther away so you can take a walk to and from your destination
– Walking the dog
– Taking the stairs rather than using the elevator.

In all, try to alternate your exercises, which not only eliminates boredom but also, challenges different muscles and ensures your metabolic rate remains high throughout your weight loss efforts.

(2) Eating Strategy

Basically, if you consume more calories than you can burn, it translates to excess body fat. Remember, one pound of body fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories.

Eat servings – not portions – of healthy foods in order to lose weight fast. A healthy diet that gives you all your essential nutrients comprises foods from all food groups including vegetables, fruits, lean sources of protein, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

A higher protein diet helps you burn more calories naturally through a process called thermogenesis (the amount of calories your body burns digesting foods). Because proteins – seafood, eggs, lean beef, etc – take longer time than carbohydrates or fats to digest, they help you feel full longer thereby reducing your daily calorie intake.

Make 50% of your meals fruits and vegetables. These foods, high in fiber and water content, are rich in nutrients that you need for a well-balanced, healthy diet. They make you full longer thereby helping you reduce the amount of calories you take.

Your body needs carbohydrates to function and operate normally. Choose whole grains that are higher in fiber and other nutrients which may help you lose weight faster. Keep your total intake between 1 – 2 servings a day.

If you must eat snacks in between meals, ensure they are healthy. Spinach salad + raw vegetables; berries + grilled chicken; yogurt + fruits & nuts; etc, for example.

Water is also part of this because it’s all about ingesting. Drinking lots of fresh, pure water each day helps your body flush out excess toxins and wastes. You can drink a glass of water before each meal which helps your stomach feel full faster thereby helping you consume few calories to satisfy your hunger.

For variety, you can jazz your water up by adding some real lemon or orange or pineapple or cucumber, etc juice.

(3) Rest Strategy

The best form of rest is sleep. Adequate sleep (7-9 hours every night) is important for you to lose weight fast and for your overall health ultimately.

Research indicates that inadequate sleep can lead to metabolism issues which can cause weight gain or weight loss difficulties.

(4) Support Group Strategy

A support group should consist of individuals struggling to lose weight as you do or those who are in support of your cause. This could be members of your family, friends or even coworkers who share your weight loss goals. Support could also be in the form of sharing recipes or other lifestyle changes that can support your weight loss.

In this regard, studies have shown that support groups may help you lose weight and maintain your weight loss long-term.

(5) Measure Your Progress

Measuring your weight loss progress can encourage or discourage you.

I recommend you weigh yourself at a particular time, first thing in the morning when you wake up and in a particular clothing or preferably naked, two times in a week – in the beginning and at the end of the week.

How To Successfully Keep Up With Your Diet

To keep on top of your healthy diet you need to allow yourself time to eat mindfully. You also would need time to wind down after a hard day at work or doing housework. Also, set aside half an hour per day to do your exercise.

How can you achieve all those goals?

1. As a mother and housewife, delegate your housework. This will free up time to look after you. You will be able to relax, do your exercises and eat mindfully. For instance, your daughter can take over the vacuum cleaning and dusting. Your husband can do the shopping or online shopping. If you have a dog, YOU walk him.

2. Let your family know that you are on a healthy diet at the moment. Ask them to support you whenever they can. Let me also know what time you will be doing your exercise or meditation. Plan your exercising into your daily chores agenda. Before you go for your daily jogging exercise ask your family whether one of them wants to join you. Exercising together is more motivating and encouraging. Budding up is more fun too.

3. With regards to eating with your family, you don’t need to completely separate your meals. You can cook meals that complement with each other. Let us assume that your husband and children are going to eat roast beef with roasted potatoes and vegetables. And you are planning to eat lean steamed chicken with vegetables. Cook the same vegetables you cook for your family also for yourself. And also offer your family the chicken you eat. There might be a good chance that they begin to eat your healthy meals after a while.

4. The temptation to eat the sweets your family consume is the hardest reason to stay on track with your healthy diet. I have learned this from my own experience. My boyfriend enjoys eating donuts and white bread. But I can’t eat sugar and wheat. Resisting the donuts and white bread is difficult. But I found an affirmation which I say to myself every morning when I get up. The affirmation goes as follows: “I nurture my body only with healthy food”. I have written down this affirmation on post-it notes. You can stick the affirmation on a notice board, the fridge, the bedroom mirror and the bathroom mirror, and the dashboard in your car. And if you are really meaning to overcome your unhealthy eating habits, stick also one post-it on your computer at the desk at work.

I hope this article has given you some helpful hints how to stick with your healthy diet. And I wish you every success in overcoming those unhealthy and sudden food cravings for sweets and other unhealthy foods.

Vegetarian Is Beautiful

I keep my first body, the physical one, in good health and shape feeding it with the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals that the vegetable kingdom provides me with abundance and joy.

I combine them with know-how and fantasy, because I know what I need and where to find it, and I get light, tasty, and balanced recipes that satisfy all my seven bodies, the dense, emotional, mental, sentimental, cosmic, and consciousness ones.

Taking nourishment becomes then, in each moment, an act of gratitude and celebration.

I’m lacto-ovo vegetarian because when a delicious cake, made of dairy products and eggs, happens to be in front of my eyes and nose, I taste it with joy and bliss.

I have also been vegan and raw food eating, during some of the various stages of my life, and I chose to be relaxed and free to move to the homes and restaurants of the world, without creating too much troubles.

I found myself a vegetarian for ethical reasons, because I love life and freedom; for humanitarian reasons, because there is food for everyone; for environmental reasons, because I love all forests; for physical reasons, to be healthy, fit, and positive; for social reasons, to be kind with others; for aesthetical reasons, because I like a living nature, and for metaphysical reasons, to keep my vibration high and zeroing my karma.

I find proteins in legumes, grains, seaweeds and their derivatives; carbohydrates in grains, vegetables, roots, fruits and yeast; fats in seeds, nuts, and oils; vitamins and minerals in salads, raw vegetables, fruits, and seaweeds.

I carefully prepare my food from my heart; I cook it meditatively; I chew it thoroughly; I wait at least three hours before taking another bite; I satisfy my taste and palate with sweet, salty, sour, bitter, pungent, astringent, hot, cold, soft, liquid, crispy and hard sensations and tastes.

I tell my friends that when I eat the fruits of plants and trees, vegetables that grow again, seeds that are cropped at the end of their life cycle, I take just what exceeds, and there’s much of it, without burdening others’ lives, in this case those of the vegetal world. This way we are all happy: me, mother earth, and the universe, because when one is happy, it means happiness is there and this is universal.

I have vegetarian friends growing up their sons and daughters in a conscious vegetarian way, at home and at school, and these are in good physical, emotional and mental health, they are beautiful, alive, and happy to be vegetarians.

11 Ways To Enjoy Your Food More

Some people call it mindful eating. While that’s a good term, I like to think of it as “getting the most pleasure possible” out of what I’m eating. That makes me feel like I’m getting a real treat, and taking steps to squeeze out the most pleasure that I can is more motivating than creating rules for myself about what I can or cannot do when I eat.

By far, staying present while I eat, or mindful eating, is the eating habit that I have to work on, especially when I’m extra busy, stressed, excited, or with other people.

These strategies are simple and subtle. They always help me remember to focus on my food and take the most pleasure that I can.

Here’s 11 ways to enjoy your food more…

1. Chew

Chewing food 20 times or so is a definite way to draw out the pleasure. This seriously slows me down. If I’m in a rush, it reminds me to not hurry through eating because I’ll miss out on the experience.

Normally a human vacuum that inhales food, this is a habit I have to think about and make a game out of. However, by chewing, I can notice the favors of the food. I can identify the ingredients. I can notice the texture and temperature. All of this really adds to me feeling complete and satisfied… whether if I’m delighting in a treat or eating the same breakfast I had the last 7 days in a row.

Chewing also helps to slow you down if you’re with others so you’re not the first to finish your food. That way, you not tempted to get more only because everyone else is still eating.

2. Switch hands.

Making things more difficult is a great way to force yourself to pay attention to what you’re doing. One simple way to do this is to force yourself to eat with your non-dominant hand. You can start by doing this with smaller meals. It’s also a good tip to try when you’re eating with others and want to stay focused on eating so you don’t mindlessly eat only because the other person is eating.

3. Eat with chopsticks.

Like switching hands, this makes things slightly more challenging. Plus, you can only have so much in one bite.

When I use chopsticks, I focus more on picking out bites. Like if I’m eating a stir fry, I’ll pick out the peppers, then the onions, then the mushrooms, etc. This gets me to enjoy each part.

Eating with chopsticks gets real tricky if you’re eating a sandwich.

I read a story about a tech company that asked a bunch of their employees to use chopsticks exclusively for a week as a mindfulness exercise. Although weight loss was not the goal, everyone in the office lost weight and several reported life changing realizations as a result of the project.

4. Put your fork down between each bite.

Putting your fork down between bites of food is an excellent complement to the chewing habit. The act of setting your fork down forces you to focus on chewing your food rather than letting yourself mindlessly pick at your plate for your next bite. It also encourages you to slow down and attend more to the taste of your food, instead of just shoveling it down your throat as quickly as possible.

5. Close your eyes.

Whether its just for the first few bites or the whole meal, close your eyes as you chew. Now you can really focus on the flavors, the ingredients and how they interact, and the texture as it changes. In a world of distraction, closing your eyes gives you control over your experience.

6. Identify every ingredient.

Like a chef or professional taste tester, it can be fun to identify every flavor and what you’re eating. If its strawberry ice cream, can you taste the strawberries? What about the milk or cream? If its a marinated steak, can you distinguish the ingredients in the marinade? Is it tangy, peppery or savory?

7. Put your food on a plate.

I am guilty of eating from the container or bag often when I’m alone. Getting out plates seems unnecessary. However, putting food out on a plate instead of eating from the bag helps me to be aware of what I’m eating and feel more satisfied with a smaller amount. If I finish my plate, that’s one thing. But if I finish the whole container, that might be double the amount of food.

8. Sit down.

Like eating from the container, I often like to stand up while I eat because I’m in a rush, or sitting down seems unnecessary. Honestly, what’s so important in my life that I don’t have time to take 15 minutes to stop and nourish myself? Sitting down tells our mind to focus on the activity instead of thinking about bolting off to the next one.

9. Make a big deal out of it.

If you’re sitting down and eating on a plate, giving yourself the food you want the most, why not celebrate that? You could die tomorrow and you would’ve missed the opportunity to really get the most pleasure from your life! Seriously, though, if you’re eating, you’re giving your body energy to be alive. If you didn’t eat, eventually you would lose energy and die. The reason you get to be alive and active in your life is from taking care of your body… and what a fun way to do so.

Get out the nice china. Get the fancy fork. Make the table setting. Light a candle. This is especially important if you’re indulging in something you’re really looking forward to.

10. Get quiet.

Turn off the television, computer and other distractions to eat in a quiet manner. Like closing your eyes, it helps to eliminate distractions. You can hear the voice in your head more easily, and you can guide it to focus on the flavors in your mouth.

11. Be thankful.

Consider what it took to get the food to you to eat. Not only was it the sun and rain nurturing the vegetables, fruits, grains and animals, but the labor that goes into harvesting, processing, packaging, shipping, delivering, stocking and offering or serving you your food. It’s a big deal. It’s no small feat to get that amount of food to people around the world every day.

5 Tips to End Emotional Eating

If you are struggling with emotional eating, you’re not alone.

I still catch myself doing it – just the other day I sat down in front of my computer and opened up a bag of Terra chips and started shoveling them in. I stopped myself before I ate the entire bag because I became aware of what I was doing. Typically, when we eat due to emotions, it’s common to “check-out” and just not be present.

I stopped and asked myself “Am I really hungry?” And the answer was no- I realized that I was bored. So I put the chips away and went for a walk.

I have been practicing being mindful about my food choices for quite some time, so I was able to quickly use the tools in my tool box to get back on track.

If you want some tools in your toolbox, here are some helpful hints that you can practice to end emotional eating.

#1 – Don’t keep junk in the house.

I am sure you have heard this one before, and that is because it works. If it’s not in the house, you won’t be tempted. I know- your kids, your partner, your dog- won’t be happy with you for depriving them. But seriously, it won’t kill them to eat healthier.

When there is tempting junk food in the house, emotional eating becomes too easy. Case in point, you come home after an awful day at work and the whole ride home all you can think about is drowning your sorrows in the pint of Ben & Jerry’s that you know is in the freezer. The food ends up serving as a trigger- so just get rid of it.

#2 – Find a healthier alternative.

Instead of focusing on grabbing ice cream when you get home, you need to find a substitute. Instead of reaching for food when you’re stressed, take the dog out for a walk or talk about how stressful your day was with your loving partner or best friend.

When you create new behaviors, you actually create new neural pathways- which means that you create new habits. So long Ben & Jerry, hello workout gear!!

#3 – Restock your kitchen.

It’s much easier to grab for healthy food when you are hungry if it’s on hand and in sight. Research shows that people who leave healthy foods in plain sight make better food choices. Some ways that you can implement this for yourself: A bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen counter. Cut up veggies and keep them handy with some hummus at eye level in the fridge. If coffee is a trigger for an unhealthy muffin or donut, see if you can substitute your coffee for a green smoothie.

#4 – Take a seat.

If you are going to eat, you must sit your arse down at the kitchen table. When you plate your food, whether it is a meal or a snack, you are able to eat more mindfully. Think about the last time you sat in front of the TV or computer with food. Do you actually remember eating the food? How about feeling satisfied?

When you sit down and actually pay attention to what you are eating and how much you are eating, the tendency is to eat less because you are able to notice those signals that get sent from your stomach to your brain telling you that you are “full” — and when you are in touch with your body’s signals, you naturally stop yourself from overeating.

#5 – Be kind to yourself.

Find other things to nourish yourself. I love to light scented candles at dinner, it helps set a nice relaxing mood! Maybe you like scented soaps or fresh flowers. A soft blanket to curl up while you sip your tea after your meal. I know you might feel a sense of control when you eat what you want and be damned with everyone else, but afterwards, the guilt and emotions surrounding the incident make you beat yourself up incessantly. Take the opportunity that you have to be kind to yourself and surround yourself with things that make you feel good.

5 Basic Tips on Working Out

When it comes to working out, the “right” way to work out varies from person to person. However there are a few basic tips that most people who work out follow. I will list out 5 basic tips that are used as common guidelines when starting to workout.

Safety First – Safety being probably the most obvious is also probably the most important. When you are a beginner to lifting it is crucial you learn the proper technique and the correct weight your body can handle. Many people who have looked past safety when lifting cannot lift properly now due to an injury in the past from not lifting smart.

Nutrition – Eating properly is crucial when it comes to getting the results you want from working out. Some even say nutrition is more than 50% of the battle when it comes down to getting results. So make sure your feeling your body the right way!

Sleep – Sleep is extremely overlooked when it comes to fitness. It is very important that you are logging in around 8 hours of sleep per night to let your body recover from intense training. Less sleep results in less recovery and less energy which leads to weaker performance and overall weaker results.

Rest Days – Kinda going along with sleep, it is very important to take 1 or 2 days off (some might need more) to really let your muscles heal and grow. A lot of people think they need to lift heavy 7 days a week with no days of to get better results. When in reality, not letting your muscles recover with a day off can harshly slow down results.

Mind set – Upon starting your workout you must have the right mindset. If you go to the gym or where you go to workout and are just going through the motions and just trying to get it over with, you are not gonna come close to the results you want. You gotta want it and get after it when your working out. Focus on each rep and each exercise, know you are in there to make a change and that you know you will.

If you follow these 5 basic tops, you will be where you want to be in no time. Of course once you become more experienced, you can mold your own sort of regiment with these basic tips.

Why Good Protein Digestion Is Essential For Vibrant Health

At the base of a wellness pyramid proteins and fats should be prominent.

One of the biggest challenges we face is being able to digest proteins. They come in many forms in meats, and legumes, nuts and seeds. But they all share some common traits.

Imagine you eat a piece of steak or a handful of almonds. You chew them thoroughly before swallowing, then they are passed down into your stomach.

At this stage just think of a single protein as a unit, a lump if you like. Into our stomachs we secrete hydrochloric acid and the primary digestive enzyme Pepsin.

These digestive agents start to break down the structure of the proteins and the result is a series of peptide chains.

Imagine a series of ping pong balls linked by strands of fine rope. At the end of the stomach digestive phase these peptide chains travel on into the small intestine.

You can stimulate stomach digestion with south and bitter plants, especially lemon juice and a simple formula like /Swedish Bitters. Even thinking about biting a lemon will have most people producing saliva. This is the process we want to get your gastric juices flowing.

It is important to note that if proper protein digestion doesn’t occur in the stomach the next phase will not happen in the small intestine. This often leads to inflammatory problems.

Next we enter the amazing twisty tube of the small intestine. This is my main area of focus for detoxification.

It is here that the peptide chains get broken down to Amino acids. These are what we want to absorb and they are literally the building blocks of our body. Whenever we need something new like a white blood cell for example we just automatically gather up the right combination of amino acids and presto, we have a white cell.

This is why protein is so important in our diets, and especially for vegans and vegetarians to ensure you have sufficient quantities to perform all of the valuable functions in your body.

Plus if you are dieting and working out you may need to increase your protein intake. Whey powder is OK.

In the small intestine which is an alkaline environment we rely on pancreatic enzymes such as amylase, lipase and protease for good digestion.

We need a healthy functioning stomach and small intestine to ensure we have delivery of the right proteins, plus the right diet to produce them.

We can supplement with all the enzymes and amino acids, but the best way is to have a good diet and healthy digestion, because there are so many other nutrients which need to be digested not just proteins.