Vegetarian Is Beautiful

I keep my first body, the physical one, in good health and shape feeding it with the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals that the vegetable kingdom provides me with abundance and joy.

I combine them with know-how and fantasy, because I know what I need and where to find it, and I get light, tasty, and balanced recipes that satisfy all my seven bodies, the dense, emotional, mental, sentimental, cosmic, and consciousness ones.

Taking nourishment becomes then, in each moment, an act of gratitude and celebration.

I’m lacto-ovo vegetarian because when a delicious cake, made of dairy products and eggs, happens to be in front of my eyes and nose, I taste it with joy and bliss.

I have also been vegan and raw food eating, during some of the various stages of my life, and I chose to be relaxed and free to move to the homes and restaurants of the world, without creating too much troubles.

I found myself a vegetarian for ethical reasons, because I love life and freedom; for humanitarian reasons, because there is food for everyone; for environmental reasons, because I love all forests; for physical reasons, to be healthy, fit, and positive; for social reasons, to be kind with others; for aesthetical reasons, because I like a living nature, and for metaphysical reasons, to keep my vibration high and zeroing my karma.

I find proteins in legumes, grains, seaweeds and their derivatives; carbohydrates in grains, vegetables, roots, fruits and yeast; fats in seeds, nuts, and oils; vitamins and minerals in salads, raw vegetables, fruits, and seaweeds.

I carefully prepare my food from my heart; I cook it meditatively; I chew it thoroughly; I wait at least three hours before taking another bite; I satisfy my taste and palate with sweet, salty, sour, bitter, pungent, astringent, hot, cold, soft, liquid, crispy and hard sensations and tastes.

I tell my friends that when I eat the fruits of plants and trees, vegetables that grow again, seeds that are cropped at the end of their life cycle, I take just what exceeds, and there’s much of it, without burdening others’ lives, in this case those of the vegetal world. This way we are all happy: me, mother earth, and the universe, because when one is happy, it means happiness is there and this is universal.

I have vegetarian friends growing up their sons and daughters in a conscious vegetarian way, at home and at school, and these are in good physical, emotional and mental health, they are beautiful, alive, and happy to be vegetarians.